Sleep is just about the most important consideration in regaining your health. Your liver works overtime during deep sleep to detoxify harmful chemicals in your bloodstream and also helps to rebuild itself so it will be more efficient doing this work. Muscles rebuild stronger during sleep especially if exercise was taken within 36 hours. All organs replenish and heal themselves during restful sleep.

Why do so many people suffer from insomnia?

Mostly because they don’t practice good sleep hygiene. Follow these steps to improve falling and staying asleep.

  1. Remove all electronics from your bedroom: TVs, computers, cell phones.
  2. Lower darkening shades and do not turn on lights after sunset.
  3. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day including weekends.
  4. Ensure your bedroom is quiet, dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature 65-68F
  5. Stop using electronic devices 2 hours before bedtime
  6. Watch sunrise and sunset to ensure your melatonin is in sync with diurnal rhythms.
  7. Stop caffeine.
  8. Stop alcohol.
  9. Stop working 2 hours before bed.
  10. Get muscle building exercises daily.
  11. Get at least 9 hours of sleep a night.
  12. Several Homeopathic medicines can help in the temporary relief of insomnia
  13. Magnesium threonate at bedtime aids in sleep.