Facial Redness Reduction

Facial redness can be caused by rosacea, hereditary factors, excessive sun exposure or alcohol intake. Lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments are very effective at reducing or eliminating facial flushing or redness in just one to three 15 minute painless sessions.

Application of topical freshly activated Vitamin C is recommended daily to protect against ultraviolet radiation which causes most facial redness.

Rosacea can present with pimples and be confused with acne vulgaris but in addition, patients may also have facial flushing and spider veins on the face.  In rosacea however, blackheads are not present, as they are in acne.  Usually rosacea appears in adults and this condition can be caused or made worse by drinking alcohol including wine or beer, or too much sun exposure. Particular foods may worsen this condition.  Treatment with prescription topical or oral medications is very effective in treating rosacea, and laser or intense pulsed light treatments can improve spider veins on the face facial redness and spider veins.