What Should I Eat to Prevent Disease?

From the work of Steffanson, Page, Price, Audette and others, as well as the results of the human experimental model called vegetarianism, it is clear that the human diet should consist of animal protein, fat, and unrefined carbohydrates in season, for example ripe fruit or grains.  Human metabolism is wrecked by the modern custom of eating a high carbohydrate diet with grains, potatoes, beans and dairy, since insulin levels are not maintained at steady levels, leading to the chronic diseases of diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, obesity, and autoimmune conditions.

The basis of human health requires a return to a diet of animal proteins and fats, which are not trans fats (the closer to raw, the better), supplemented with very occasional fruit and vegetables.  It goes without saying that all processed foods (grain, pasta, bread), dairy, sugar, salt, natural and artificial flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, additives and pesticides all detract from health.  At a minimum, all sweeteners, starches, and grains should be avoided to achieve better health.

Given that the availability of such a diet is becoming more difficult to obtain, it’s not surprising that we are witnessing a raft of chronic diseases our grandparents did not have.  Studies have shown that within one generation, healthy aborigines developed dental caries, cancer, and diabetes eating our “civilized” diet.
Since it may be nearly impossible to obtain such a healthy diet in today’s environment, some supplements may be beneficial.  These include Vitamin D3 and K2, Vitamin C and Magnesium.   The paleo diets or keto diets have been shown in clinical studies to reduce blood sugar and decrease body fat.  Because these diets rely on adequate fat intake throughout the day, hunger is reduced due to the satiety fats provide.

It’s also very important to do at least 10 minutes of muscle-building exercises every day, such as pilates or yoga.  These exercises prevent the loss of muscle mass and keep the body in balance so that falls are less likely.